Totems and Meanings

The word Animal is derived from the Latin Animalis which the root is “Anima” the soul or breath of life. The English word ‘totem‘ was first known and used around 1776 and originally come from the Anishinaabe word odoodeman or the Ojibwe oto·te·man, which means “consanguine kin” or a “kinship group of familial relationships”. Countries such as Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and The Americas all had forms of animal totem connections and still continue to today. 

What totem are you drawn to?

Bear Teaches Strength, solitude, focus
Bee Teaches Diligence, Productivity
Butterfly Teaches Change, Love, Transformation
Buffalo Confidence to achieve goals
Cat Teaches Magic & Mystery, Clear perception, Agility
Coyote Teaches how to get free of a trap, stop fooling oneself
Cow Teaches Nurturing and Growth
Dog Teaches Loyalty, Unconditional Love
Dolphin Teaches Communication, Harmony, Trust
Dragon Teaches Fertility, Wisdom
Eagle Teaches Courage, Freedom, Spiritual Balance
Elephant Teaches Strength, Intelligence, Loyalty
Fish Teaches Life, Transitions
Fox Teaches Camouflage, New worlds, Supernatural power, Fox is a Protector
Frog Teaches Abundance, Fertility, Transformation


Teaches Flexibility, Intuition

It is a symbol of defensiveness, courage, energy, agility, resourcefulness, uniqueness, protection, intuition, visions, psychic gifts, intelligence, endurance, individuality, inner guidance and wisdom, resistance, and fertility.

Hippo Teaches Motherhood, Routines
Horse Teaches Friendship, Freedom, Power, Stamina
Hummingbird Teaches how to find joy in all circumstances
Lion Teaches Personal Power, Courage, Strength
Llama Teaches Endurance
Monkey Teaches Energy, Curiosity
Otter Teaches Curiosity, Joy
Owl Teaches Magic, Wisdom
Panther Teaches Valor, Grace, Swift action
Penguin Teaches Change, Agility, Order
Pig Teaches Prosperity, Intelligence
Pigeon Teaches Perseverance toward a goal
Rabbit Teaches Love, Vigilance, Fertility
Ram Teaches Adventure and Power
Raven Teaches Magic, Shapeshifting
Rooster Teaches New beginnings, sexual prowess
Seal Teaches Balance, Intuition
Sheep Teaches purification through forgiveness
Snake Teaches Rebirth, Wisdom, Healing
Squirrel Teaches Trust, Preparedness
Tiger Teaches Passion, Sexual energy
Turtle Teaches Longevity, Opportunity
Whale Teaches Provision, Creation, Awakening
Wolf Teaches Freedom of Spirit, Discipline, Loyalty